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Outbound Call Center Services: Why Are a Better Investment Than Television Advertising?

Television advertising plays an integral part in the marketing of a product. Especially, for entrepreneurs who have unrestricted funds and an unwavering belief in their products, it is the go-to marketing tool. But, when it comes to startups or financially-lacking businesses, the cons far outweigh the pros. Newbies in the market who don’t think long-term, generally fall into the trap set by the TV set.

Just imagine paying 1.55 million dollars for a claim to fame on CBS-aired 2015 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament. And, compare that with outbound call center services in the USA, which cost a mere 5000 dollars, and connect you with over 1000 customers. The cost of these services reduces considerably if you outsource the same business to a country like India or China with inferior currency values.

The Challenge of Digitalization

Not too long ago, television advertising was indispensable. It used to symbolize the maturity of businesses. From print to radio to television, a journey like that corresponded with the spreading of a brand from the street to the city to the entire nation. Getting your ad on TV was like an announcement that you have arrived. But today, with digitalization and social media platforms gaining ground, television is not as important as it was before. The emergence of YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime has diminished the appeal of television considerably. Although the idea to start advertising on these mediums is not bad, it would be too challenging to accomplish for most businesses.

Going Back in Time with Outbound Call Center Solution

Regression is not always bad for business. 60s fashion trends that keep on coming back and popularity of age-old healthcare disciplines like Yoga are clear testaments to life coming a full circle. In the same vein, one-on-one interactions are back in vogue.

Outbound Call Center Solution

Just like in the past, when word of mouth publicity was key to promoting a product, outbound call center outsourcing services are now holding the fort for businesses. Face-to-face interactions are replaced by conversations over the phone; however, the power of the same old personal touch is driving the businesses of today. If you still haven’t harnessed the true power of an outbound call center solution, then have a look below to get enlightened:

  1. Outbound call centers help you generate leads

    The first and foremost advantage of employing outbound call center services is that they help you generate leads. Unlike television advertising (in which the lead generation is random), their impact is immediate and you always know how your money spent is working its magic.

  2. Outbound call centers provide you insights

    The data that you accumulate through call center software helps you understand customer preferences. Moreover, you can use that data to learn how many calls were made to generate a single lead. Depending on this data and your business requirements, you can reduce or increase the number of outbound callers.

  3. Outbound call centers help you cross-sell other products

    If you already have a successful product, then outbound call center services can help you cross-sell and launch your new products. With television advertisements, it is almost impossible to cross-sell with any conviction.

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