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Why Inbound Call Center Services Are as Important as the Product?

Never before in the history of businesses was pride of a brand as important as it is now. In the competitive business world of today, how a brand seems by public, more often than not, makes or breaks it. This is the primary reason why inbound call center services have become so important for companies.

The Risks of Not Finding the Right Inbound Call Center Service Provider

Because of increasing cost of infrastructure and inability to hire quality employees, most companies decide to outsource their customer service operations. In most cases, they look for the cheapest vendors and do not prioritize quality. This approach is filled with risks. Some of the risks are:

  1. A substandard inbound call center process provider can use your customers’ data for personal gains. If this happens, then you can say goodbye to your customers.
  2. An outsourcing call center company with limited funds cannot scale with your operations. For example, if you decide to cross-sell a new product and want additional agents, the inability of your vendor to meet the requirement would seriously affect your plans to grow your business.
  3. A call center vendor who does not have the right infrastructure will issue poor quality equipment to his employees. Just imagine your customers repeatedly calling and reaching agents speaking through malfunctioning headsets. The communication quality will go down considerably and your customers may never call again.

Inbound Call Center in India: Keeping the Standards High, Always

To claim that all call centers in India are top-notch and you would find a quality call center easily, will definitely be an exaggeration. However, when compared with the options available for a business based in the developed world, India is probably the safest place to start searching for a quality inbound call center companies. Especially in the NCR region, you would more often than not discover an adept vendor who meets your requirements.

The reasons why an inbound call center in India is highly recommended are listed below:

  1. Availability of many reputed companies that can be trusted – There are many big-budget call center companies located in India that are in this business for a long time. They have a reputation to protect and hence, will never divulge or exploit the data provided by clients. Most companies here offer good infrastructure and have financial capabilities to scale their operations.
  2. Perpetual supply of quality employees – India is a vast country filled with a large number of educated people. Call center industry is one of the biggest industries in this country when it comes to supplying jobs to the youth. A vendor here will never run out of quality workforce and your operations will always be supported by accomplished inbound call center representatives.
  3. Extremely cost-effective – The Indian rupee is not a strong currency. Most companies based in developed countries would find the exchange rate extremely enticing.

Product or Customer Support: Which Is More Important?

In the past, this question had only one answer: Product. However, with the increase in competition, the playing field for businesses has changed considerably. In a situation where Product A, Product B and Product C are almost similar; the tie is (generally) broken by how well the customer support services are provided by a particular brand. In this age of information, brand value is important but it is not as important as before. The reasons are as follow:

  1. Customers educate themselves about the product by accessing product website. This allows them to look past the brand and into the actual product.
  2. Customers read feedback about the product on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They get converted by these customer reviews, way more than they get influenced by brand advertising.
  3. More often than not, customers get the option to replace their products if they don’t like how it works. This gives them the added incentive to make a purchase from a new brand even when they are not too confident about its credentials.

Due to all the above mentioned reasons, brands simply cannot rely upon their name. They not only have to compete with brands of equal stature, but also with considerably smaller players in the market. Any dip in the quality of product or service associated with it can result in the loss of customers.

As product development and innovation is close to the heart of most entrepreneurs, the quality is generally maintained. However, inbound call center services – which are growing in importance – take a backseat. The result: faltering support services and customer attrition. Unless, companies realize the importance of inbound call center services and put them on the same pedestal as core product development tasks, their business will suffer.

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