Order Processing / Order Taking

The one thing that no business enterprise can afford is to let their Order Processing be out of order! For every one customer that you put off by due to slipshod order-taking, you lose at least 10 other customers who are in the circle of influence of the aggrieved customer.

Customers dial to place an order after they have been successfully allured by the product/service. At this point, they require only affable assistance and a satisfactory resolution of their queries to make it a successful deal.

A1 Call Center offers the best Order Processing call center services to organizations in India. We are among the leading call center companies in India and specialize in delivering services that are customized according to the specific requirements of Indian organizations. Our gracious Call Center Agents procure orders from the customers efficaciously. Before a customer places an order, they usually prefer to have a live conversation to resolve their queries. Our Call Center Agents have mastered the trade of up-selling your products or services by satiating all inquiries by customers. We also update the customers on the status of their orders when sought.

Whether you sell technical products like gizmos, gadgets, or vibrant fashion items, our call center agents always explain about the products to customers with persuasion and panache.

Our Call Center agents are available 24x7x365. This round the clock service is also scalable. The number of Call Center agents can rise with an increase in demand for products or an increase in the range of products. Order Taking Call Center agents will also maintain the status of the order up to delivery, for the customer.

We at A1 Call Center

  • Receive the orders by customers through our genteel Call Center Agents
  • Greet them cordially and process their order quickly
  • Have expertise in up-selling and cross-selling
  • Maintain the record of their orders and send daily/weekly/monthly reports
  • Update customers on order status

A1 Call Center has vast experience of delivering order taking services to organizations in India from diverse business verticals. Most of our clients who outsource order taking services to us are from the e-commerce industry. However, we also have experience in providing order taking services to other business segments

So put in order your business with the best Order Processing Services in India from A1 Call Center.