Third Party Verification

Are you sure you don’t need third-party verification? You may say an emphatic ‘Yes’.

But are you also sure that the order placed by your customer is genuine? Are you sure that the name and address told by the customer are his own and not of somebody else? Are you sure that the customer was not a prank caller or worse a swindler? If your answer to these questions is ‘ummmm… don’t know’, then you definitely need a Third Party Verification!

The process of Third Party Verification (TPV) entails confirming the identity of the customer and their order which they placed by an independent entity. Neither the business enterprise nor the customers should wrongly beguile.

A1 Call Center offers the best third-party verification services in India which helps you ascertain the identity of the customer and authenticate their orders. Our Call Center Agents, trained especially for conducting TPV, probe the customer with penetrative questions. If any discrepancies are found, our Call Center Agents ask more incisively until veracity of their claims is determined. We can also audio record the conversation and provide it to you for any future evidential or forensic need.

It makes good business sense to outsource a third-party verification process to an expert vendor. Organizations don’t have the skills and resources required for conducting such activities, and neither does it fall under their core business tasks. The right thing to do would be to hire someone who has the right set of skills, resources, and infrastructure for such tasks.

We at A1 Call Center:

  • Make outbound calls to the list of customers you provide
  • Verify the identity of the customer and question them for validation of the order
  • Maintain an audio recording of the confirmation by the customer

So definitely get a Third Party Verification, and get it from the best Third-party verification call center service provider in India – A1 Call Center!