Customer Retention Surveys

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush’ is an old adage which applies perfectly to the business scenario. Because a customer retained, is also worth two in the market.

This is indeed the strategy which the most successful business enterprises employ. They make their customers feel valued by offering them the best service and simply by keeping in touch with them. This crucial loyal customer base helps the company tide over economic uncertainties. Larger the number of your loyal customers, the more will be your assured profit.

Customer Retention Surveys by A1 Call Center perform this vital function for your enterprise. We give you the best and most authoritative statistics on your loyal customer base.

Our Call Center Agents, at our domestic call center in Delhi NCR, reach out to the database of your customers and quiz them on few basic questions, like ‘how much you would rate the product/service out of 10?’, ‘would you recommend this product/service to your friends, family or colleagues?’ etc.

We at A1 Call Center:

  • Develop an elaborate questionnaire catering to your specific requirements and also applying the best survey methodologies
  • Diligently ask this Questionnaire to your exhaustive database of customers.
  • Compile the results and analyze the statistics to give you a simplified CRM Survey report

A1 Call Center helps you ensure gains, by helping you retain. After all, every customer is valuable!