A1 adopts the New Year Resolutions for 2013

As you are aware, we had asked everybody to contribute for drafting of New Year resolutions for A1. Some of the best suggestions for A1 Resolutions have been shortlisted and presented below. These will be adopted at the New Year party eve.
Happy New Year
For now, read all the short-listed resolutions here:

1.     I will be sensitive to the customer’s concern

– contributed by Christin, Agent, Customer Support Service

As Agents we sometimes disappoint the customer by not being attentive listener to their issue, or by sometimes being apathetic to their problem. I realize that the customers usually call us when they are stuck in a trouble because of the product/service. All they need is some help for trouble shooting. I shall strive to provide them this quick-fix solution to cheer them up. And genuinely work towards addressing their concerns.

2.     I will always retain my calm and charm

– contributed by Angela, Agent, Technical Support Service

Whenever a customer calls to me in an agitated voice, I know that this is the time for me to be as calm and as charming as I can be. I shall never be loud with an irate caller because I know that will simply worsen the situation. I will give a patient hearing to the customer, soothe them, and offer them a workable solution with a smile. And will ensure their reason for frustration is resolved, and restore the smile on my customer’s face as well!

3.     I will respect my time and my client’s time

–         Contributed by Abbas, Quality Analyst, Back-Office Services

Time is one of the most perishable resources. You can earn back lost money, but lost time never ever returns. Therefore I will always value the asset of time. I shall sincerely work in the available time to ensure that all the deadlines are met always and punctuality becomes a way of life.

So we are now ready to step into 2013. Bring it on!

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