Outsourcing Telemarketing Services in India

India has emerged as the favorite business process outsourcing destination in the world for global organizations. More than 40% of the world’s outsourced work is sent to India and handled by Indian call center service providers. Indian vendors offer a wide range of call center solutions that are aimed at fulfilling various non-core business requirements of international clients. You can also outsource your telemarketing processes to these vendors and achieve great results from it at affordable rates. However, there are certain things that one must remember and take care of before outsourcing telemarketing services in India.

It is vital to identify the need to outsource as soon as it emerges. Outsourcing a process before it is required will cost you unnecessary money whereas getting late would hurt your business performance. Organizations should be able to recognize the right time for outsourcing and then move ahead with the process.

Next you have to find a suitable outsourcing vendor in India who has relevant experience and knowledge of the work. You should select a vendor who is willing to work along with you in training agents for accent and company’s information. The agents should be well trained and have complete knowledge of all the products and services offered by the company. This would require joint efforts from vendor and the company.

You will also have to create telemarketing scripts that would be used by agents. This script should be created through joint efforts of call center service provider and you. You can also use the call center script review as a part for interviewing so that you can determine whether your collaboration will be a success or not. Further, you will also have to prepare strategies that would help agents in dealing with customer rejections as the rate of negative response is usually very high in such cases.

You should find a partner who is willing to offer telemarketing service in a two or three shift manner. This would allow you to run your campaign according to the preferred time zone and also allow you to run multiple shifts in case your business spreads to other time zones. However, most of the companies that offer customer support services usually provide 24×7 services therefore it won’t be a tough job finding such a vendor.

Telemarketing campaigns are very critical for businesses as they help in generating leads and revenue for the business. If Organizations should be very careful while hiring the partner for their telemarketing services as this partner would play a very crucial role for their business.


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