Benefits Of Choosing Call Center Services From India

Communication can be considered an essential tool which ensures smooth running of the processes across the globe with proper balance. Call center industry is one such dimension where communication acts as a bridge between companies and customersPros of choosing call center services India

Whenever a firm across the world plans to outsource call center process, India is the first region that comes to the mind. In fact, among the top ten cities to outsource the processes, there were six from India, as per December 2014 report by Tholons.

There is not just any single reason which makes India one of the most trusted regions for call center outsourcing. There is actually a blend of multiple advantages due to which most of the firms select India as the region of outsourcing.

Let’s go through different features and benefits associated with Indian call centers.

Indian workforce is available for economical prices

As compared to working individuals in several developed nations, the employees from India are available at reasonable prices. Due to this, the call centers do not face economic difficulties while setting up a call center. Even infrastructure costs are quite less in most of the Indian regions. Therefore, vendors can offer services at economical prices to their clients.

Companies have multiple options of call centers

Last few years witnessed a huge rise in the number of call center service providers in India. Several Indian and international players became a part of this revolution in call center industry. Therefore, India literally became the land of call centers that were offering different services. This allowed firms from India and abroad to choose the call center easily that perfectly suits their budget and business requirements.

Indian workforce has aptitude for technical skills

Technical support is an integrated part of call centers in Indian region. It requires agents which have aptitude for technology and technical skills. And India being the nation with high number of individuals with degree or diploma in engineering and technology related streams always has the availability of proficient workforce for call centers.

In fact, trade association NASSCOM reported that around 2.2 million Indians are employed in IT-BPO sector.

Proficiency in English language

English language is an integral part of education system especially in metropolitan areas of the country. There are around 125 million English language speakers in the country making it second highest in the world after the U.S.

This ensures that Indian agents are able to handle call center process for both domestic and international projects with ease. Also, processes like email and live chat support are handled proficiently by the Indian agents.

Government support for call centers

Central and state government of India has always offered support to establish and manage call centers in the country. Several initiatives have been launched from time to time with aim to encourage the Indians to establish call center business. The major objectives of the government are to enhance the number of job opportunities for capable Indians. Also, the aim of spreading the spirit of entrepreneurship among young individuals is part of these objectives. Indian government soon will be launching call centers in small towns and villages as a part of ‘Digital India’ initiative. The subsidy will be offered under this scheme to those who want to invest in this business.

North East BPO Promotion Scheme (NEBPS) was also a major initiative under which setting up of call centers in North Eastern region was incentivized.

Direct benefits to companies

By taking support of Indian call center vendors, the firms can derive an array of direct benefits. First of all, the reasonable call center services in India ensure that they have high returns on investment (ROI). The money saved can be invested for the betterment of the product/services offered by the company. Also, the energy and time saved by the company by outsourcing the process can be utilized in the core business processes like production along with research and development.

All these points prove that India will continue to dominate the call center sector by offering finest services at reasonable costs. Also, the firms from different industries can definitely increase their profit by taking support of Indian call centers.

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