Trust the Third Party Verification system to find out trustworthiness

It’s a big bad world they say, full of lies and deceit. Definitely, it is difficult to trust somebody or anybody in such a scenario, especially when your business is at stake. To keep yourself on the safe side, it is best for you to know with certainty a few things like –

  • Who is the person you are entering the business deal with?
  • Are the claims made by the person accurate?
  • Does the person have a clean track record?

And to get an answer to these questions, we at A1 Call Center offer the third party verification services.
Here is what we at A1 Call Centers do –

  • Our Agents call back the people who have placed their order through telemarketing. The Agents verify the details of the customer, including their contact details and other requisite information.
  • Verification is done by probing their basic information, which is further verified through a physical check – like does the given address actually exist or is it fictional, does the house in the name of the person as claimed, etc.?
  • After the order by customer is confirmed, we communicate the order status to the caller through timely updates. The order placement and status report is shared with the customer.  This becomes like an evidence for the approval of the purchase. This way the customer may not claim ignorance at a later stage about the order.

So never falter, and always use Third Party Verification services. Business is after all built on trust!

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