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Everything You Need To Know About Help Desk Support Services

A great help desk support is one of the greatest sources for building positive name for a company.  The aim of help desk department is to offer solutions or guidance related to electronic equipment, hardware or software, consumer durables or food products etc.

This process is often outsourced by the companies as the process is then handled by experts at reasonable prices.

Let’s go through some major benefits derived by companies through outsourcing of help desk support.

Access to technically sound executives

Call center service providers in India usually recruit agents for help desk that are well-versed in technical knowledge. These agents with educational background related to technical studies have high aptitude for new developments and technology. As a result, they are able to grasp knowledge related to technical products and services very easily and quickly. Also, they are able to guide the callers on technical queries quite effectively.

Even for non-technical products and services, the call centers have agents that are well-versed in communication skills to offer finest help desk support services.

Proper control over the process

Contrary to the common myth that companies lose the control over help desk process after outsourcing, the firms actually have a reasonable control on the process. Several call center firms allow their clients to modify the training sessions and modules as per the project requirements. Also, the reporting systems of several outsourcing vendors allow the clients to analyze the performance of agents on regular basis.

Process is economical

Establishing the help desk support in-house can be quite costly for a company. Outsourcing this process not only ensures finest quality but cost is also controlled. This is because cost associated with infrastructure, software and hardware along with employee management is saved. The company has to pay only on the basis of contract with the vendor which proves to be quite reasonable.

Fluctuation in call volumes is handled easily

Help desk is a process that experiences different call volumes during different times. But outsourcing this process makes it more viable for the company as unpredictable variation in calls does not affect it in any manner.

Companies are able to give emphasis to core activities

If the processes like help desk are handled in-house, then the focus of the company is diverted from the core activities. This impacts the overall business to a greater extent. On the other hand, companies are able to put their 100 percent in the major business activities if this process is outsourced.

24 hours availability

The normal duration of operations in every office is 8-9 hours in a day. It is possibility that troubles related to product/service may arise during odd hour when the company is not operational. This may frustrate the customers who face these product-related issues.

But when the help desk is outsourced, companies can be sure that process is running 24 hours every day for the whole year so that customers can resolve their queries on phone easily.

Customers don’t have to visit service centers

If a product is in warranty and needs assistance for proper functioning of a product, help desk support agents can guide the customers on operating the product effectively. This is preferred by the customers as they don’t have to visit the service centers to ensure proper functioning of the product.

In many cases, customer service experts also don’t have to visit the premises of the customers to resolve the issue in case the product comes under onsite warranty.

Keeping in mind all these and numerous other benefits, the companies must not shy away from outsourcing this process.

Tips for help desk support agents:

Check out these following tips for help desk support agents to ensure proper functioning of the process.

  • Write support ticket notes clearly and in a detailed manner so that other concerned persons from your department are able to handle the case easily.
  • Go through the previous support ticket notes related to a customer’s issue as they can help in identifying and solving the problem in easy and quick manner.
  • Remain transparent throughout the resolution process. Agents must explain why the step/action suggested by them is the most suitable for solving the issue.
  • You should not hesitate in transferring the case to your colleague or some senior authority if you feel that you do not have sufficient knowledge related to that specific case.
  • Customers must be kept in the loop by the help desk agents throughout course of action to ensure transparency.
  • Interacting politely and clearly should be your first priority while resolving the issue of the customers.
  • Guide the users/customers using simple language and avoid technical jargons to make sure that the listeners understand every word.
  • Provide an alternate solution to the problem which can be utilized by the users in future to resolve the issue themselves.

Several startups and big players from different industries have already improved the level of customer satisfaction by outsourcing help desk to a renowned call center. A1 Call Center is one such trusted vendor that offers help desk support solutions at reasonable prices.

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