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Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Benefits and Strategies

Satisfaction of a customer acts as oxygen for companies without which the firms will no longer survive. And keeping a track of the satisfaction levels makes it easier to offer better services without spending a lot of money. Surveys which are filled by customers after receiving service from a company which rate the quality of customer support is referred to as customer satisfaction surveys.

These surveys are an integral part of customer service through which companies can analyze what the customers think about their customer service department.

Here are some major benefits of having these surveys for your company.

1.  Tracking the levels of satisfaction

The major goal of the consumer-oriented firm is to satisfy customers to the maximum possible level. By designing effective surveys, you can analyze where your company lies at a specific instant in relation to customer satisfaction.

2.  Helps in examining possibilities of growth

Whenever a company plans to expand a business by adding a new product line or geographical expansion, customer surveys give insights about the current status of the business. This will help in planning the strategies carefully which will ensure that major decisions associated with business growth do not lead to failure.

3.  You can identify the root cause of dissatisfaction among customers

The biggest challenge for every firm is to reach the root cause of issues like dissatisfaction among customers. The business owners consider helpless due to complexity in identifying the root causes. The customer satisfaction surveys act as a savior for these companies as the main reasons for unsatisfactory service is presented directly by the customers.

4.  Customers feel connected

The surveys are one of the additional means by which you can show that you care for your customers. They will ultimately feel more connected to your brand which adds loyalty factor.

5.  Suggestions can help in modifications of business

Several times, customers have some brilliant ideas related to the improvement of a product or service which can enhance your business. By allowing the customers to give their valuable suggestions, you will get myriad of ideas which can effectively modify the working of your business.

6.  It helps in evaluating the representatives

By analyzing the surveys on a massive scale, you are able to judge which agents are performing above the standards and which one needs improvement. This will also make employees more productive as they will be aware that customers are going to rate them later.

Strategies to get the maximum benefit out of surveys

Designing an optimized survey ensures that customers are willing to respond to it in an enthusiastic manner. Also, you are able to generate better insights out of a properly designed survey.

Some tips to design customer satisfaction surveys include:

  • For simple questions, use a Yes/No format for answers to avoid confusion among customers.
  • Be specific about your questions by avoiding any assumptions.
  • Keep it short by having only 5-8 questions as customers tend to avoid surveys with too many questions.
  • Display a ‘Thank You’ message at the end of the survey which will ensure that customers do not feel that their time is wasted.
  • Send the surveys after every interaction with the customer immediately as the customer is more willing to discuss the experience at that stage.
  • Have a suggestion column at the end where customers can write feedback using text.
  • Use the right title for the surveys so that customers are fully aware of why is it required.
  • You can use images to make it attractive so that more customers are willing to participate in the survey.
  • Do not make the fields compulsory and allow the customers to leave the field if they do not want to fill it.

Examples of questions to include

Having the right set of questions is the most essential part of designing a survey. Some vital questions which should not be excluded from a survey include:

  • Did the customer service representative introduce herself/himself?
  • Did the representative understand your query properly?
  • Did the representative wish you by your name?
  • Are you completely satisfied with the service from our end?
  • Do you feel that the representatives are well trained to handle queries?

You can include or exclude the questions as per the nature of the business or requirements of your goals. Therefore, make sure to derive all the above-discussed benefits by effectively designing a customer satisfaction survey.

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