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Picture this scene. An online user is browsing on a portal for fashion apparel. The clothes are attractive, but the user isn’t sure whether to purchase them directly through the internet.  The user calls the phone number flashed on the site. This phone conversation will be decisive. The user will or will not make the purchase based on this one conversation.

To ensure that the user makes the purchase, we must ensure that the conversation is:

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Amiable – The Agent should be friendly, courteous and polite while talking to the user. The in tone and tenor should be pleasing and genteel.

Information rich – The Agent should be able to furnish information and provide appropriate answers to all the queries of the user.

Goal oriented – The Agent should subtly direct the user towards making the purchase.

And if the conversation isn’t fulfilling any one of the criteria, then the purchase is unlikely.

Now whichever online business you have, whether you are selling luxury products or FMCG products or services, order taking is most crucial to your business. The ease for customer to place an order will directly impact the statistics of sales and profits.  And we at A1 Call Centers understand this perfectly.

The situation we mentioned in the beginning of this blog was actually the case with one of our clients. The client did not have a dedicated Agent for order taking. The receptionist, whose job was to pick all the incoming phones, was also performing the Order taking function. While the receptionist was very polite, but wasn’t as informed and goal oriented. So the users, who called with the intent of buying, ended up not buying a thing due to unsatisfactory response.

To emphasize on the importance of good order taking, we performed a call recording of their receptionist talking to a user, and provided them a separate call recording of A1 Call Center Agent taking the orders. The difference between the two conversations was apparent to our clients. While receptionist would redirect the user back to the website – saying please refer to the website for more details, the A1 Agent (call recorded was of a different project) – explained the product details, elaborated the product features, and also did a comparative analysis of the two products which the user was confused between. The result was that the user bought both the products.

Listening to this conversation, our clients understood the importance of professional order taking. And it is not just about taking the orders, but it is complete order management as you also get access to updated order status reports.

Here is a message from our client, who is presently reaping the benefit of our Order Taking Services – “We are in the garment business since two decades. I am expert in creating make –to –order dresses. But I didn’t know how I can make more and more customers order for my collection. I found A1 and was impressed with their domain expertise and professionalism. For me, their service has proven to be a made-to-order solution!”

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