Significance of customer survey

The moment we receive a call from an agent, we know what they are going to say. Usually the agents will confirm your name then ask whether you can spare a minute to talk. Unfortunately these are the only few questions which agents ask before starting off with their monologue, reading out from their script. Of course the agents can ask more questions and make the customer communication like an interactive conversation. But sadly, they can do only as much, or as less, the clients direct.

So it is for the clients to understand and realize that the agents of the call center can be used for establishing a two-way communication channel through customer survey.

Why should businesses opt for a customer survey?

Launching or promoting a product without understanding the market dynamics is like shooting in the dark. There are chances that your strategy might work, but there are more chances that it will fail. Customer surveys are useful for analyzing what kind of products the customers prefer, why do they prefer a certain product, whether because of lower price or because of higher quality, etc. Such an analysis will help the business take key decisions related to product quality, its pricing. Also a customer survey gives us an insight into what kind of people should constitute the target audience while marketing.

Why use a call center to conduct the customer survey?

A customer survey is all about asking the right questions to obtain the right answers which can help the business. There are also customer retention surveys which focus on following up with your old customers to get their feedback.

Surveying may be done by an in-house call center of the company or be outsourced  offshore to call center service provider in India . The call center takes care of the entire process from developing a questionnaire, to compiling the final analysis report.

The agents are handed a list of all the people to be surveyed, and they begin collecting answers from the respondents. There is real-time digital-entry of all the answers by agents. The data is categorized and consolidated. All of it is also accessible to the client, and they can monitor the progress with daily/weekly/monthly reports.

After the answers are compiled, a report is prepared which gives the details of the trends observed through graphs and pie charts. A good call center will always present this analysis in a user-friendly and easy to understand format.

Now once the survey is accomplished, the business should base its strategies on the facts revealed by this survey. And as they do so, they will automatically be able to connect better with the customers.

So don’t just use the call center’s telemarketing team for selling the product. Also use the call center’s facility of customer survey to know what to sell and at what price!

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