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Why companies must choose contact center solutions from Delhi-NCR?

Call center outsourcing is one of the biggest decisions that a company takes in order to control the costs and improve quality. Companies often get confused about which city to prefer while finalizing the call center vendor.

Delhi-NCR region has become a hub of call center companies that offer solutions for international and domestic companies at highly economical prices.

Let’s go through some of the factors that make Delhi and NCR area most suitable for call center outsourcing.

Language education in Delhi

One of the basic requirements of firms offering call center services in Delhi-NCR region is agents with proficiency in the English language. And several colleges offering quality education related to the English language makes it easy for call centers to recruit the deserving candidates. There are several colleges affiliated with Delhi University that offer graduation or post-graduation in the English language which include:

  • Miranda House College
  • Hindu College
  • Hansraj College
  • Ramjas College
  • Jesus and Mary College

Even the QS World University Ranking considered the Delhi University as one of the top 100 places across the world to study the English language.

That’s not All!

Delhi-NCR region also houses hundreds of English training institutes, which offer the finest quality English speaking courses. The students from these institutes also become valuable agents in several call centers.

Therefore, international companies looking for call centers in this region can be assured that they have access to the finest agents. The city also boasts an array of institutes that offer foreign language training for the individuals. These individuals become first choice for projects that require communication in languages like Spanish, French, and German to name a few.

Coming to the Hindi language education, majority of population is well-versed in this language (as it is the primary language spoken in the region). Therefore, call centers don’t face difficulty while recruiting agents for domestic projects.

Huge number of engineering colleges in Delhi

Engineering students make a large part of workplace in call centers offering help desk support and technical support. And having engineering colleges within the city makes the quest to hire suitable agents quite easy for companies offering contact center solutions. If we calculate total number of engineering colleges from Delhi-NCR region, the number crosses the mark of two hundred. All these engineering institutions are goldmine for call centers, which are looking for technically sound graduates with good aptitude for their processes. This ensures that outsourcing vendors are able to surpass the expectations of their clients.

Companies located in Delhi-NCR region can use services easily

Delhi and NCR regions are the hub of business firms. Both traditional and IT-based companies are flourishing in these regions of the country. In fact, a study by World Bank in the year 2013 reported that it is easiest for someone to begin a business in New Delhi among Indian cities.  And when these companies require customer support and related services, they don’t have to look into some other city. This is because call centers in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon region have all the advance facilities. Choosing a call center in the same city makes it easy for client companies to communicate with the vendor. The client companies can also participate in the recruitment and hiring of the agents if the vendor is located in nearby area.

Tracking the performance of the call center processes is also easy if client and call center vendor are based in the same city.

Immediate hiring is possible

As discussed above, there is never scarcity of call center agents in this region of the country. It makes sure that immediate hiring does not become a challenge for call centers. Companies require immediate hiring either due to expansion of business or high call volume during holiday rush. Therefore, companies situated locally and international firms can rely on call centers from Delhi-NCR region in case of immediate requirements.

Facilities for agents

Unlike metro cities like Bangalore and Mumbai, the NCR region is quite economical when it comes to accommodation on rental basis. Therefore, the agents, which are working in Delhi but belong to some other city can survive easily without burning a hole in the pocket.

Usually, call center firms offer cab service to the employees working in the night shift. But for those working in the day shift, there are various options related to transportation. Among the public transport, agents can use metro train or buses for commuting on daily basis. There is also option of carpooling as number of vehicles is quite high in Delhi/NCR region.

All these benefits attract proficient agents from different regions to join call center firms located in Delhi-NCR area. As a result, vendors are able to offer finest form of services to their respective clients.

A1 Call Center is a renowned outsourcing vendor located in Noida region. This call center has served multiple industries like retail firms, service providers and healthcare companies etc.

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