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Telemarketing Process: Introduction, Benefits and Techniques

Telemarketing has always been an integrated part of sales and marketing campaigns of multiple firms throughout India.

The process of telemarketing generally refers to marketing of services or goods through the use of telephone calls. It is one of the oldest forms of marketing in which a representative convinces the potential customers to purchase the services or products.

Here are some benefits which businesses can derive from telemarketing process.

  1. 1.       Improved sales

Very first and basic benefit of telemarketing is substantial increase in the sales. Being more direct as compared to channels like email, it has chances of better results. Also, the ability of telemarketers to respond the queries of customers immediately on phone enhances the chances of getting a sale.

  1. 2.       Results are measurable

The results of telemarketing campaign can be measured effectively without any complicated process.  This helps in calculating the returns on investment (ROI) which is a vital measure related to business processes.

  1. 3.       Instant feedback

This process helps in analyzing the trends of market which can be used for making business decisions. Also, the modifications in the requirements of customers and their response to a specific product/service can be examined immediately.

  1. 4.       Lead generation

Generation of leads is an integral part of telemarketing services. This process is highly beneficial in industries like real estate where conversion of even single lead into sale has big impact on the company.

  1. 5.       Spreads the word about your company

You must have heard several times ‘what is seen is sold’. This line is completely true because visibility makes sure that the product stays in the mind of a customer which ultimately increases the possibility of purchasing the product. This is the reason you see big banners and hoardings of several big brands on different public places and highways.

But with the support of telemarketing, you don’t have to spend huge amount of money unlike these hoardings. The telemarketing agents are able to spread the word about the company at quite economical prices.

Techniques for improving telemarketing process

We have gone through multiple benefits of telemarketing. Now let’s focus on the how to implement multiple techniques for improving this process.

1)      Make sure that you learn everything about the product/service including specifications, warranty and benefits thoroughly.

2)      Use natural language and avoid scripted language so that rapport is built easily with the people on other end.

3)      Record your own call and listen several times to analyze how it can be improved for better connectivity with potential customers.

4)      Invest in a good CRM system which can help in coordinating with other departments effectively and allow to follow- up the calls more easily.

5)      Focus on body movements and gestures as they huge impact on the quality of conversation. Smile while you talk and sit in a straight confident position.

6)      Speak in moderate speed as you may sound less authoritative while speaking too fast or too slow which definitely not right from the sales point of view.

7)      Mirroring different aspects of potential customers like tone, pace and language will help in developing better rapport.

8)      If you believe a prospect is not purchasing something due to lack of time or some other reason, make sure to follow-up with him/her. Various statistics suggest that follow-up calls much higher chances of converting a prospect into a customer.

9)      Only ask questions that are relevant to the call as prospect may get frustrated with unnecessary questions.

10)   Spend on data analytics as it can provide highly useful insights that help in predicting the behavior of prospects.

Outsourcing telemarketing process

Various companies also plan to outsource telemarketing services due to various benefits attached to it. One major benefit includes that a reputed call center that offers telemarketing has employees which usually follow above discussed techniques. Also, the availability of latest technology and training methods makes sure that services are of much advanced level. The cost effectiveness and better results from these service providers ensure that you receive maximum return on investments (ROI).

Therefore, get the maximum benefit of this process and raise the sales to multiple folds. Various firms often outsource this process in combination with customer support services.

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