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Six Lead Generation Tricks That Actually Work!

Generation of leads for business has always remained a challenge for the sales and marketing team.

Various companies providing lead generation services rely on traditional methods for getting prospects. It is imperative in the present information age to use innovative strategies (including digital media) for efficient lead generation.

Here are some useful strategies which have positive results related to lead generation.

Trade shows

Intelligent companies love trade shows!

 Even if the company is unable to bring heavy sales, this medium is definitely important for generating quality leads. Giving an informative presentation in trade shows will definitely attract a lot of prospects which are definitely going to profit you in long run.

These days, companies are using multiple software solutions through which details of prospected clients can be captured on smartphone devices.

LinkedIn support

LinkedIn successfully qualifies as the social media channel which proves to be a boon for B2B lead generation.  A feature referred as lead collection which is part of LinkedIn Ads can be used as the direct lead generating method.

On LinkedIn, one can identify which person has visited the profile page. Companies can use this feature constructively by sending messages to these profile visitors.


Professional networking has numerous benefits for any business and lead generation is the most rewarding among them.

This technique works because every person has around 100 to 150 contacts some of which can be of great use for business. To utilize its potential, business development executives should be part of meetups and conferences. Asking the existing clients for referrals is also an important strategy for getting quality leads.

Email marketing

Some methods like use of emails for lead generation never get obsolete. In fact, various statistics list email marketing as the number one method for lead generation.

Companies must remember that ‘Subject line’ of the email is the impactful part which decides the fate of the mail. So, firms must spend extra time for generating some attractive subject lines which definitely draw the interest of receivers.


Webinars or web-based seminars are extremely economical and effective way of lead generation. Companies can ask people to register for the webinar free of cost and these registered contacts can prove to be valuable leads for the company.

It is important to make sure that content of the webinar is highly interesting and informative so that develops interest towards your company among the attendees.

Companies must ensure that people delivering lecture are expert of the subject related to webinar.

Online forums

Forums which are dedicated to a specific topic are another tool that can be exploited for getting prospects. People in the present digital world rely on online reviews and suggestions before choosing a service or product. So, by providing useful advice to these users, a company can form multiple leads. It is essential to remain active in these forums on constant basis for deriving best results.

If used in planned manner, these strategies will definitely help the companies in longer run where the leads will be converted into sales.

So, be the trailblazer of your industry by taking support of these effective lead generation strategies.

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