Network centric Vs telecom centric – who will win the war in today’s call center Industry

Major disruption is heading towards call center Industry. While Smart phones, social media, cloud based technology etc are drawing significant attention, there are epic forces coming together to change BPO industry that has been comparatively stagnant for the past few years. The wide range of call center outsourcing customer care services will also be radically impacted since the call center is at its heart. The quick endorsement of smart devices by customers is taking a toll on the deployment of customer care technologies. The social business revolution has provided a great jumping-off point for companies to consider how marketing, sales, and services should be. An integrated, holistic approach is what everyone is looking for.

Telecom Centric

Network-centric approach leads to end-to-end reporting right from the first contact with the customer, combined with real-time analytic, back office analytic, and customer history used to improve the customer experience. Telecom centric approach is more traditional and well accepted around the globe. A recent survey also concludes that in 2010, only 5% of organizations took advantage of social/collaborative customer action to improve service processes but they didn’t mention how well the other 95% are doing to manage their Customer relations. The rise of social media, instant messaging, SMS, and “app development” has changed the way companies interact with their customers. But still many organizations are struggling to create a consistent and coherent strategy for customer engagement in a profitable way keeping operational cost in mind.

Poor customer service experiences lead to increased service cost and more challenges for organizations. It is just not possible for organizations to run away from the human element as it plays a key role in the delivery of satisfactory customer support services. Whether you call it a call center or a contact center or a customer engagement center, you need to understand the current market trends and know where the customers actually are. What they are talking about and what is the medium? As one can see by the range of expertise represented, mobile, multichannel and multi modal communications can be the best option to stay in the rat race today.

Customers only know about ‘service quality’ with quick resolution of their problems by a live agent. If they are put on hold, both on telephone or on mediums confronted with confusing options or delivered to an individual who is not up-to-speed with their requirements, they think less of your company and its brand which in turn results in high rate of customer attrition. So to conclude, a company should look for a better integrated customer service technology or method where all the important modules are present with proper synchronization between them. That’s why we say it should neither be telecom centric nor network centric, it should only be customer centric.

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