Eliminate Call Abandonment with Scalable Answering Service Call Centers

When a call is made by a customer to a call center and it does not connect, it causes a whole lot of aggravation. If such incidents occur repeatedly, then a company risks losing its customers. Therefore, staffing is very important in order to ensure consistent returns from a call center operation. But most in-house call centers are neither well-staffed or scalable because companies running them have other liabilities and responsibilities. Hence, one should think about outsourcing phone answering service call centers in order to curb call disconnection and abandonment.

Why Calls are Abandoned?

There are primarily two reasons for that:

  • Call center is not sufficiently staffed and call wait time is high
  • Call center IVR or network infrastructure is below par

Both these reasons can become the cause of the failure of entire call center operation. The only way to overcome these challenges is by utilizing the services of a professional call center vendor with time-tested expertise.

How Call Answering Service in India Can Help?

Call answering service in India like the one provided by A1 Call Center can help you in overcoming the aforementioned hurdles by:

Scaling the operation as per need

There are many pre-hired call center executives that can be assigned to any client project. So, if the call flow is low, the agents are removed and the operational expense is reduced. When the call flow is high, additional agents are assigned and call abandonment is eliminated.

Above par technical expertise in IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the key to lowering call wait time and minimizing abandonment. A good IVR comes with multiple options to organize call transfer to the requisite department. It is also possible to add self-care via IVR. With this option, customers can solve the query by themselves, all they have to do is follow the steps provided by IVR system. Smart IVR solutions can also perform network connectivity checkup for ISP process, deliver billing related information and account balance.

Sound network infrastructure

Network infrastructure plays a huge role in determine the call quality and call drop rate. Top class networking solutions e.g. Cisco-based call center solutions can prove very effective in call center operations. The best companies like A1 Call Center utilize high-grade phones, headsets etc. to ensure proper call connection and sound quality.

A1 Call Center provides many outsourcing services like answering service call centers, tech support, helpdesk, customer care etc. The call center process is operational 24×7.

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