Cut Down the Downtime During Office Hours with Pro Help Desk Support Service

The reliance on computer hardware and network devices is increasing with each passing day. Almost every industry has some tasks and processes that rely upon computer systems. And wherever there is use of computer system, there are bound to be hardware and network faults. These problems often eat away a major chunk of manhours and undermine the overall productivity. Therefore, the role of help desk support service has grown considerably.

How a Help Desk Support Works?

Help desk support is a specialized field that works in an organized manner. It is different from a technical support process, as it is aimed at resolving common computer issues. In contrast, a technical support department deals with technology-related solutions.

A help desk system generally utilizes a ticket-based system for query resolution. The common issues faced by employees/customers are listed under broad categories in the ticketing system. When an issue is encountered, an employee raises the issue by selecting the most appropriate option from a set of options in the drop-down menus. For example, if the Internet is not working, the employee will select network problem, then select internet issue. Or, if the computer is slow, then the employee will select computer problem, performance issue, and then finally select computer slow.

Depending on the choices made by the employee, the ticket will be raised and assigned to a particular department. The real USP of helpdesk support lies in its ability to alert the authority about a common issue. For example, if many employees are raising the ticket for Internet problem, then it could be an issue with the ISP or networking hardware.

Also, as the ticketing system assigns the case to specific departments that are expert in the relevant field, the time for query resolution is generally low.

Implementing the Best Helpdesk Strategy

A helpdesk support service can be very difficult to run, especially in-house. As there are many business functions that a company has to look after, the focus on helpdesk can be compromised. This can lead to the creation of an inept department. In case, the helpdesk support is unable to fix the employee issues on time, it automatically impacts the manhours. When the computer systems are down for a significant length of time, then the productivity is severely compromised.

Therefore, it is best to use the services of experts in this field. A1 Call Center has long-term experience in help desk support and can offer quality solutions at an attractive price point.

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