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Monthly Archives: April 2013

The ideal Supervisor to Staff ratio

Most call centers have not been able to figure out this puzzle. How many supervisors should a call center have to monitor over its staff? What is this magic ratio of supervisors to staff, which can ensure that high-quality is maintained  each time.

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Significance of customer survey

The moment we receive a call from an agent, we know what they are going to say. Usually the agents will confirm your name then ask whether you can spare a minute to talk. Unfortunately these are the only few questions which agents ask before starting off with their monologue, reading out from their script. […]

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Tips for agents for dealing with customer rejections

It is easy for a Telemarketing agent to feel dejected. Half of the world is registered on the ‘Do not Call / Do not Disturb’ lists, and the other half is ‘busy’ or ‘not interested’.  So how should a Telemarketing agent achieve the assigned target?

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